Gathoni Mbugua is a Clinical Psychologist
(B. A Psychology-Egerton University First Class
Honors: Masters in Clinical Psychology -United
States International University). She has over
09 years’ experience in the field of psychology.
Gathoni is passionate about mental health
Management, Trauma Healing, Digital advocacy
& awareness creation, in the quest to promote
mental wellness within the community as well
as Mentorship.
Professional Membership
i) Clinical Psychologists Association
of Kenya (CPAK)
ii) International Society of Substance
Use prevention and Treatment
Professionals (ISSUP)
Current Position
Gathoni is a Clinical Psychologist & Head of
Digital Relations Department at the Chiromo
Hospital Group (CHG) a dept she created. In
this capacity she has continued with her passion
on advocacy & creating awareness on various
mental health issues, through; CHGs Social
media plat forms and the website representing
the institution on organized Mental wellness
talks on Television, Radio as well in corporate
and public organizations. Gathoni is also
responsible for CHGs Corporate social responsibility events that aim to destigmatize
mental illness and promote mental wellness
and the Brand strategist.
Professional Experience
She has previously worked as a Clinical Manager
at Care-Tech Medical Center, Kiambu District
Hospital Psychiatric Clinic and KEMRI-Research
Care and training program (Kisumu) as a
clinical counselor.
Ms. Gathoni Mbugua is passionate about
working with the youth, inspiring them in
leadership & life skills. In this regard, she is a
Mentor with Akili Dada.
Column Contributor
True Love East Africa
a) Survivors Guilt
b) Anger styles and Anger Management
c) Battered Woman Syndrome-Are you
suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome?
d) Career Talk
e) Hyper sexuality in Bipolar.
Women leadership Initiative Blog.
Coping with negativity & other stressors during
the festive season.
Gathoni has sat in numerous panels in a mental
health capacity & sponsored by W.H.O & M.O.H
from her work in creating mental health
awareness to take part in a quality rights
training and conducted several trainings.
Hobbies: Outdoors Activities, Board games,
traveling, Aspiring Golfer.
Personal Philosophy
The self whom one is today is what one
creates, rather than something one
bumps into along the way.