Dr Olusola Olowookere MbCHb , MPH, MSc Psych, is a  Practicing Consultant Psychiatrist,
Forensic Medical Examiner and
CEO  of Greyinsights Limited

Dr Olusola Olowookere is a consultant psychiatrist with a keen interest in mental and
emotional well-being. He qualified as a Medical Doctor over 15 years ago and then
completed his postgraduate degree in Public Health from the Northumbria University, he
also holds a post-graduate degree in Psychiatric Practice from Hertfordshire University. Dr
Olowookere is a trained Psychoanalyst and has also conducted significant research in
neuroscience and its relationship with depression and substance abuse.
He has 14 years experience in consultancy, design, delivery and management of strategic
health and mental well-being programs across the United Kingdom and Nigeria. He is a
highly organized and pragmatic leader, bringing a structured, logical and strategic approach
to mental health and well-being.

He presently runs a Psychiatric practice in the United Kingdom. Over the past 12 years, he
has worked in both clinical, administrative and advocacy roles in Mental health across the
United Kingdom. His passion remains firmly focused at work towards researching the
interface between mental health and criminal justice as studies have shown that there is a
significant linear correlation between crime and the 4 C’s of mental toughness.
Dr Olowookere is a licensed Forensic Medical Examiner working closely with various crimefighting units (Metropolitan, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire) to reduce the
crime rate by increasing mental health awareness.
Dr Olowookere is extremely committed to reducing and eliminating the stigma around
mental illness among Afro-Caribbean’s and minority ethnic groups across Europe and
unearthing the huge socio-economic burden of Mental illness buried in cultural myths in
Africa and indeed his home country, Nigeria.
Also, he is a professional member of the International Employee Assistance Professionals
Association, Consultant Psychiatrist and CEO at Grey Insights Limited.