Dr. Latonya Thomas, DNP, BSN, RN, CLNC, C-MI

Dr. Thomas is an experienced Registered Nurse licensed in the State of Louisiana and Texas. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from McNeese State University in 2010. Continuing her education in Nursing, she obtained a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Capella University in 2020. During educational studies at McNeese State University, Dr. Thomas worked as a Certified Optician. While in Graduate school, Dr. Thomas worked full time as a Registered Nurse in multiple specialties (medical-surgical, telemetry, pediatrics, labor and delivery, float pool, postpartum, transitional intensive care units, urgent care, and school nursing) and as a travel nurse. Dr. Thomas created, executed, and evaluated the effects of education and self-efficacy rates on how to increase intent to exclusive breastfeeding in the State of Louisiana for her Doctoral Capstone Project. Dr. Thomas partnered with a local Natural Birthing facility to implement and evaluate these educational strategies to address the overall low exclusive breastfeeding rates. Her goal of this project was to bring awareness to lack of appropriate knowledge for pregnant women and how early education could improve confidence levels, which in turn would increase exclusive breastfeeding rates and improve health outcomes overall due to the positive benefits of breastfeeding. Dr. Thomas did have her Doctoral Capstone Manuscript published in the National Sigma Theta Tau Repository and ProQuest. Dr. Thomas also presented this manuscript at the 46th Annual Transcultural Nursing Virtual Conference in October 2020. Shortly, after completing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, Dr. Thomas studied to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and a Certified Meditation Instructor. Respectfully she has opened two of her own businesses for these areas. Dr. Thomas continues to work as a Registered Nurse and is constantly looking for new ways to improve patient outcomes and make a difference.