Kevin Washington (Mwata Kairi), PhD is an Afrikan-Centered psychologist licensed in
Florida and Washington, DC.

He has taught/lectured at several colleges and universities
nationally and internationally. NBCUniversal/BEN, National Alliance to End Homelessness,
Roland Martin, Nick Cannon, Boris L. Henson Foundation, Essence and many other national and
international organizations have sought his expertise on Black psychological matters and
leadership development. He is a Past President of the Association of Black Psychologists and is
currently an Associate Professor and Head of the Sociology and Psychology at Grambling State
University is the National Director of Black Marriage Day. Kevin Washington received a
bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Grambling State University and a master’s degree in
Educational Psychology as well as a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas A &
M University. As a Fulbright-Hays scholar Kevin (Mwata) researched the impact of socializing
institutions on the healing or restructuring of post-apartheid South Africa (Azania). He worked
with scholars from the University of Capetown, University of Fort Hare, University of Durbin-
Westville and University of Zululand-Kwazulu-Natal and others. He has conducted leadership
training for students, faculty and administrators and continues developing leadership models that
is grounded within a cultural competent framework. His expertise in multicultural (African
centered) service delivery.

Ph.D. | Counseling Psychology 12/1997
Texas A & M University | APA-approved
Dissertation: Dimensions of Perceived Importance for African Americans’ Clinical and

Counseling Psychology Training

M.S. | Educational Psychology 12/1992
Texas A & M University | APA-approved
B.A. | Psychology 12/1987
Grambling State University
Licensed Psychologist (Current)
Florida (PY8137) 12/2010
Washington D.C. (PSY1001158) 03/2015

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