Dr. Dia Pfleger is experienced in all areas of Human
Capital, specializing in diversity and inclusion (DEI). Dr.
Pfleger is the Chief Executive DEI Consultant,
scholar-practitioner, professor, speaker and former
Chief Diversity Officer. Her passionate, yet calm,
holistic, and approachable style allows her to address
complex and unique topics with comfort, ease, and
practicality. She has more than 19 years of experience
in the HR field and utilizes innovative application of
general and industrial and organizational psychology to
help create effective and practical change within various
sectors, including healthcare, private equity, education,
tech, and the government. She has provided
consultation and training to individuals and
Dr. Pfleger is a skilled clinician and researcher in
alternative and complementary medicine and continues
her research in health disparities and other social
determinants in black and brown communities. She is
currently researching PTSD and mental illness and its
impact on communities globally. Dr.Pfleger studied her
undergraduate studies at the University of
Chicago,Illinois where she was pre-med Psychology
and minor in Biochemistry and Women Studies. She
went on to earn her masters’ degree in Health Sciences
and Public Health. She completed her internship at
National University of Health Science Whole Health
Center, Lombard, Illinois,Jessie Brown Brown VA
Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, and John H.Stroger Jr.
Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois in their pain
management clinic. She earned her first professional
doctorate degree from Pacific University of Health
Science in San Diego, California. Dr. Pfleger is currently
completing her Juris Doctorate Degree at St.Francis
School of Law in Newport Beach, California.
Currently Dr. Pfleger lives in Chicago, Illinois with her
family. Previously, she has lived in Germany, Spain and
Portugal. As a woman of color and first-generation
college student, she provides a unique perspective that
helps coach and guide those in leadership to gain
insight and make effective and lasting change that matters.

 Her engaging style and use of storytelling, help
make topics such as microaggressions, privilege,
ageism, sexism, and racism easy to understand and
navigate. She believes that everyone should have a
seat at the table and their voice should be heard.
Dr. Pfleger also helps leaders and professionals
develop required and sustainable skills in cross-cultural
competence to work well in an increasingly diverse
world. Her previous research has been in areas of
organization development, cross-functional workgroups,
and leadership development. She trains and coaches
professionals in cultural competency and is a leader on
issues of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Pfleger teaches
Business Ethics and Philosophy courses, and African
American/Latin X study courses. She hosts and
produces her own podcast, Straight Talk Doctor, which
focuses on critical matters such as health disparities,
diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, along with
business ethics and principles and relationship building.
She has been a guest speaker at physician
symposiums, diversity summits, SHRM conferences,
colleges, and universities across the country. Dr. Pfleger
currently serves as an advisory board member for a
tech firm and non-for-profit organizations.
“Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. Inclusion is an
action. Belonging is the outcome.” – Arthur Chan