Dr. Asad el-Malik 

Dr. Asad el-Malik is an interculturalist, ethnographer, journalist, consultant, and researcher. He holds  Ph.D. in Intercultural Relations from Columbia International University. His research is at the intersection of religious/cultural practices and mental health treatment. He specializes in global inclusion and diversity with a focus on healthcare settings. He has also written extensively on the subjects of politics, race/ethnicity, health & healing, reparations, human rights, and social justice. 

 Through the AntroCovid Project at the University College London(UCL), Dr. Asad researched and wrote on the cultural implications of COVID-19, social distancing, and isolation with a specific focus on the use of social media. He is a frequent contributor to various media platforms and his work has been referenced by such prestigious organizations as the Brookings Institute. 

 Dr. Malik is a frequent contributor on television and radio. He is a member of the American Anthropological Association, the Society for Psychological Anthropology, and the Society for Intercultural Education Training, and Research. 


Dr. Asad currently holds the position of Program Manager for Eastern Louisiana Mental Health Systems Community Forensic Services in Region 1(Orleans and Jefferson Parishes). In this position, He is responsible for offering quality management of Louisiana Department of Health(LDH) clients receiving treatment by the parish psychiatric staff in Orleans Parish and the provision of competency restoration services and other support services to LDH clients in jails, community behavioral health settings, and the outpatient forensic clinic. He provides specialized community-based forensic mental health services at the regional level in metropolitan Orleans and Jefferson Parish jails and prisons. 

Outside of these responsibilities,  Dr. Asad travels extensively, speaking and conducting intercultural research and training in Africa & South America.


Dr. Asad is a native of New Orleans Lousiana. He earned his  Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Dillard University. He is married to his lovely wife of 12 years, Adrienne. The couple has two wonderful sons, Austin and Aden.