Daniel Mwambonu is an African International Human Rights Activist, Mental Health Advocate, Pan Africanist and an African Nationalist.

Daniel Mwambonu was born on 28th July 1985 in Taita Hills.
He studied in St. Mary’s High School in 2001-2004 and attained a B Plain mean grade in spite of countless challenges along the way.
In 2013 he worked as a pump attendant in Kwale before joining the non-profit industry in 2014-2016 where he worked as a data entry clerk in Africa Mental Health Organization.
In 2016 he founded United States of Africa which was inspired by Marcus Garvey’s poem ‘’Hail United States of Africa.’’
The United States of Africa was registered in Texas, United States on 30th June 2020 to unify the African continent and bring together people of African descent all over the world.

He is also the founder of African Business Month an event which seeks to promote economic empowerment of people of African descent through trade and provides a platform for Africans to showcase their products and services with an aim of boosting local Industrial capabilities and promoting AfCFTA. He is the founder of Global Pan Africanism Network an International Civil Rights and Pan African organization which seeks to reunite all people of African descent, advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world, a renowned international Civil Rights Activist, African Nationalist and Pan Africanist whose tireless works to expose the black genocide in West Papua has drawn more Africans
to support the quest for self-determination for the black people in West Papua.
He is the founder of Black Mental Health Matters  which advocates for mental
health rights for people of African descent, promotes awareness on mental health and dispels myths about mental health in black communities.

His journey to becoming an activist began in 2017 when he learnt about the atrocities Indonesia is committing against the Indigenous black people in the island of New
He founded the AfrikaForWestPapua campaign to raise awareness on the genocide and
these efforts have continued to give voice to the voiceless.
Daniel Mwambonu has been in the frontline to advocate for racial justice and has been
using social media to advocate for equal rights for people of African descent and bring
to an end police brutality against black people worldwide.
He is anti-colonial, an anti-imperialist who has become an inspiring symbol of global
resistance against colonial domination and exploitation of Africa.
His vision for establishment of United States of Africa which will unify Africa, Caribbean,
Pacific states and reunite all people of African descent under one political and
economic leadership has continued to inspire Pan Africanists around the world.
He is the founder of African History Month, an annual history festival on March 1 st – April 1st 
established to celebrate the achievements of people of African descent and
acknowledge Africa’s enormous contributions to the world’s civilizations.
He believes that united as a continent and as people of African descent everywhere,
Africa will regain its lost dignity and respect.
‘’Africa is immensely rich in natural resources and human capital but our strength
can only be realized when we pull up our financial resources to build the
foundations necessary for a United States of Africa.’’ Daniel Mwambonu