BMHM : World Maternal Mental Health Day Message


Today May 5,2021 Marks Worldwide Maternal Mental Health Day with the Theme, LET’S INVEST, call to action for investment and Equity in Maternal Mental Health Care around the world by respective Governments.
As avid Mental Health advocates and Mental Health promoters around the globe we would like to use this special medium to express my gratitude to all who follow me on all social media handles and to acknowledged you all on this special day.
The Countries around the globe have issues of mental health to address just to open the conversation on mental health, about one out of four persons is likely to have some various forms of mental illnesses and also one out of five pregnant women is likely to suffer from Mental illness during or after delivery.
As we mark this special day the global call is for stakeholders and policy makers to invest in Maternal Mental Health issues that will help health professionals and Mental Health advocates to tackle these issues and help create more awareness in our respective communities.
Furthermore, we call on all Mental Health Professionals to include Maternal Mental Health education during Antenatal and postnatal clinics.
Assessment for signs and symptoms of mental health problems should be conducted at Antenatal and postnatal sessions to help identify pregnant women and Nursing Mothers with Mental Health problems.
More so, Non Governmental Organizations and Mental Health advocates must intensify Maternal Mental Health promotion activities, these include all aspects of healthy Mothers, Children and father’s.
There is a great call for Midwives and Community Health Nurses in all countries at various levels to engage Mothers and fathers on their Mental health since some pregnant women may have some disease conditions HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Sexually Transmitted Infections etc.
All the above Mentioned conditions requires Mental Health Support since they need more financial capacity and Mental Health Stability to be able to go through the nine months of their pregnancy and mothering without any issues.
Finally, Governments alone cannot invest into our Mental Health issues I therefore require every individual to engage in Community and individual oriented Mental health activities such as mothers or couples accepting the gender of the newborn, good nutrition, attending antenatal and postnatal clinics, reporting any danger sign during pregnancy , avoid taking alcohol or other substances that are likely to harm her or the unborn baby, birth preparedness, etc.
The Black Mental Health Matters is calling on all Communities and Community members to support maternal mental health all year round.

Written By: David Naboare
Personal Assistant : Black Mental Health Matters


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