Black Mental Health Matters strongly condemns Akron Police brutality against Kenion La’ Vonte Gay, a Black Man struggling with mental illness brutalized, tortured, assaulted and humiliated without regard for his manhood.

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Kenion is in jail and has been denied access to both mental health and further medical examination in spite of complaining about head injury pains after officers repeatedly punched him in the head but Akron PD Police won’t let him go to hospital. He paid $20 only for the Doctor to say there is nothing wrong with him and gave him Ibuprofen.
In addition to stigma that comes with mental health, Black communities are forced to reckon with police brutality, medical racism and disparities that exists when it comes to mental health.
Black Mental Health Matters demands for his immediate release to enable him seek mental healthcare, allow him to undergo further examinations on injuries he suffered and we are calling for the officers involved in the assault to be held accountable.
Over the years numerous Black men and women suffering from mental health crisis have been killed by police in cold blood but no justice for the victims. In 2020 Daniel Prude, a Black Man suffering from mental illness was killed by police while on May 13th 2019 unarmed Pamela Turner suffering from paranoid schizophrenia was shot and killed by Baytown Police officer Juan Delacruz and the vicious circle goes on and on and on. Mental illness should not be a death sentence. Being Black with mental health illness should not be criminalized.
Black Mental Health Matters!

Best Regards,

Daniel Mwambonu

CEO & Founder

Black Mental Health Matters

Download the Press Release via:BMHM -Justice For Kenion



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