No Health Without Mental Health

About Us

Black Mental Health Matters is registered as a non profit corporation in Texas, United States .

Our mission is  to destigmatize mental health  and encourage open conversations around mental health in the Black Community.

Our Show

Black Mental Health Matters  runs a weekly digital show to create awareness,
dispel myths, network with mental health professionals, champion for mental health rights
for people of African descent while seeking to provide an enabling environment for people
suffering from depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Distress Disorder), PTSS (Post
Traumatic Slave Syndrome) or PEST (Persistent Enslavement Systemic Trauma) to heal.

Our Team

Dr. Kevin Washington (Mwata Kairi)


Dr. Kevin Washington is an Afrikan centered Psychologist.

Dr. Dia Pleger

 Vice President

Dr. Dia Pleger

Dr. Dia Pfleger is experienced in all areas of Human
Capital, specializing in diversity and inclusion (DEI). Dr.
Pfleger is the Chief Executive DEI Consultant,
scholar-practitioner, professor, speaker and former
Chief Diversity Officer

Daniel Mwambonu

CEO & Founder

  • Daniel Mwambonu is an African International Human Rights Activist and Mental Health Advocate.

Claire Nasasira

Assistant Treasurer

Claire Nasasira is a  Ugandan Journalist passionate about health and

Dr. Marsha N Harris


Dr. Marsha N Harris  is a Certified/Licensed School Psychologist  

Amicia Ramsey


Amicia Ramsey is an experienced television journalist, TV Host and entrepreneur. She uses her platform 

David Naboare


David Naboare is a Health Science Education, Psychiatry student and Mental Health Advocate

Ayomide Ruth Oluwagbenga

Events Manager

Ayomide Ruth Oluwagbenga is a writer and poet passionate about humanity 

Dr. Latonya Thomas, DNP, BSN, RN, CLNC, C-MI


Dr. Latonya Thomas, DNP, BSN, RN, CLNC, C-MI  is an experienced Registered Legal Nurse consultant

Gathoni Mbugua


Gathoni Mbugua is a Psychologist (B. A Psychology-Egerton University First Class Honours